Sunday, November 29, 2009

Real Photographs

For the last few weeks I've been scanning 'real photograph' postcards (RPPC) that I bought this past summer. These were most popular around 1905 to 1920, during the height of the postcard craze. As these views were not mass produced, some being one-off's and at most maybe 100-200 copies printed, they are usually quite sought after. Compared to the mass produced lithographically printed commercial cards, they are usually pictures of unusual events or places.

I have dozens of family snapshots, which sadly have NO identifying names or locales. I know that if I could put a name to these folks, they would be extremely desirable to present day family historians.

So my request to you is to pencil names and dates on the backs of your photographs, so your relatives, after you're gone, can put a name to that photo of the weird looking guy or gal in the family album.